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Subtle Thrill (Bandcamp 2018)

   Post-hardcore Indie Alternative rocking and female leading vocalist role-on to your face in existence off these Fort Lauderdale, Florida in their latest recording produced by Jeremy Bolm and mastering by Jack Shirley as subject matters emotionally, vulnerable but also honest carrying devastating sounds blasts as Gouge Away that consisting for outspoken Hardcore-Pop band around in mutated angular blends of spiteful or sass yesterday issues to the abnormal news today by the performance from Christina, Mick, Tommy and Tyler on rotated fortnight and splattering tunes melodic as pitching-project on rhythmic pulse ripping the regular taste of Burnt Sugar’s best grungy formats goes through the displaying of Fed Up, Slow Down, Ghost, Hey Mercy as well as Raw Blood or Dis s o c i a t  i  o  n  seemed to Cant’t Relate the essential messaging cargo that already being thrown by the angry wolves people characters onto mosh-pit waves !

Burnt Sugar: