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Subscriber Count (Epic Pictures 2017)

   Victor Mathieu directing this American horror movie about the found footage which starring Toby Hemingway, Yvonne Zima and Justin Bruening in The Monster Project where the fake news and youtube events video leads to the real lifetime things that involving the project of young filmmakers meeting with the real monster-people in the flesh for session of interviews; within most of the entire plot story turns out to be naturally good and deadly, danger on immediate haunts and recaptured terror for the night times and questions in your minds trying to learn about characters here ends with the chosen old abandoned house that being rent by them as the invitations for thus creature beings disguises as men already sent – the desert meeting with the native American skinwalker tribal-police officer, the seductive tattooed lady vampire by the blood sample tube in a dark park and a phone call to the Japanese girl whose being possessed by something sinister like demon to come and meet. Special effects and jump-scares will make you screaming louder for this as Devon, Jamal, Murielle and Bryan must fight the terrifying threats on the loose as scary monsters chasing them as the moon eclipse that night occurs and Shayla the beautiful hot vampire woman, Shiori the demonic Japanese girl and the skinwalker native American mixing thus turned down horrific tunes of instrumentals in scoring music over the film-making of amateurs to find the most acclaiming moments of their lives with the interviews turning from good average to disturbing mad and those sub-genre fans of this type of found footage horror movies would love to see this first-person frame involving info from craiglist as well as frightening night-vision monochromatic camera-works having the 103 minutes moment of ending concluded makes this film a found footage and aspiring composed tracks by Pinar Toprak and Emir Isilay did something worth a try this frantic Halloween tells that “They Aren’t just Real, They’re Here”.