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Strong Castle (Sanctus Gladius Records 2012)

   Anti-Occult with more Vikings heritage and Christianity right-winged themed for fantasy reality in Heavy metal epic sounds is this Santa Maria da Vitoria, Bahia group of underground Black Metal fused remastered – Imperial Dusk which consisting for their sixth recordings on the Riders Of Vikings raw-mayhem explorer or band of war-party crushing other culture from the north parts as they’re bring the supremacy destruction for those low-living tribes surrounding them to bow down under the ruling full-length album performed by Mortem on bass guitar, Aeternal on drums and Nocturnus on vocals/guitars/keyboards and roaring hard via ten commanding tracks like the beginning in gates of Valhalla, Sanguinary Hordes, Cruzades, Nordic Winds Blow, Symphony of The Flute and Lord of Snow comes like the sudden raids from the misty mountain stormy weather without mercy from the west in particularly, either five to six and more duration minutes solidify thus fifty-three minutes and thirty-seven seconds performance of them. 

Riders Of Vikings: