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Stress Dreams (Dullest Records 2017)

Matt Buckley mastered and mixes this furious brute screamo Punk-Hardcore emotional records from LMI from North Wales territory as one didn’t really have to find out the rest of identity off the group under their simple chaotic melodies and metallic tunes products but trying to measuring the reality meanings behind thus lyrics written by the shreds of blasting sounds and screaming vocals over these ten tracks listed there inside Far Beyond Nothing like drinking the rat’s coloring blood pours onto your empty cup of ace and celebrates the destruction around your presences with Hardcore-Punk louder the volumes and embracing the riots via Weak Stilts, Destined for the Ground, Emerald Motions, Coffin Niche as well as Sun Rites or Salamander – carries thus imperfect hidden messages telling us the stories over our Rational Defect world polluted with too much birth and technologies.

Far Beyond Nothing: