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Strangers Kids (Bandcamp 2013)

   R.I.P doesn’t mean that you’re lost the product forever as this black chemicals off Bjarke Bendtsen, Aske Fugslang, Lars Hvelplund to Simon Minke and Kristian Sejerskilde making thus sad songs writing and lyrics of depressive feelings on the loose over summer and autumn rainfalls as collectively, weary in sounds like you have heard here via The Lion, Ask The Current, Through The Night as well as Days and Amsterdam and Carriage inside the recording session album entitled – Beads by The Migrant which shows us the unimportant but leaving great memories on someone’s mind as the background of these things stays relevant even the tiniest and Indie Folk Alternative rocks supported the humming distort soften towards everything harmonic like the vocals as well as vinyl existence for the worry ears finding Place To Rest ...