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Stars, Moon & Waves (Sunstone 2014)

   Feel like the all hallows day did not meet your expectation this year for the lack of cults point-of-views or lesser wiccan friends to invite for the celebration ? The coven of good intentions must not fear about with Claudio Gianfreda project solo musical works getting ready to filling in your Psychedelic non-popular music of Classic Rock tunes as Balduin marks the remarkable releasing via this mini album among thus four tracks fertility seeding lyrics and atmosphere saluting the surrounding natures and the magical epiphany present days and the past memories not judgment towards our regards and faithless steps along the way as harmonic keybords/organ or synthesizers and live band ensemble touching The Glamour Forest by the good news tales about Mirror Mirror, Hole in The Sky and Jabberwock the terrible monster had died inside the hearts now branding cleansed after the first light walks in the woods on the blessings of Samhain. 

The Glamour Forest: