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Stars Dry Rivers Cold (Subversiv Records 2008)

   With Daniel Fischer the man behind the drums, Leo Matkovic on bass guitar, Phillipp Thoni and Thimas Tschuor on guitars/vocals or Miriam Wolf did piano/synths or vocals forming the Switzerland hybrid sound-bursting of Metalcore/Noise-Rock and early Hardcore on this releases onto their third recording albums – Gold Cut didn’t truly related to the searching materials of monoatomic golden mining activity but for Unhold; this approval meets their plan onto describing their own statements and themes by thoughts being written and arranged into songs and music distorted blasts to send knowledge and imaginable progression forms among their listeners to believes that everything isn’t just as like as the goodies parts of the wall but behind that there’s hidden secrets waiting to be revealed.
   Expelling the numerous tracks from the record such as Sugarbread, Zeroend with Nadja Stoller for guest vocals; Commissioner onto Hunger Doesn’t Learn or Tossed into The Light really met the newest latest issues around flat earth theory or the firmament of the planet as well as the mistakes of Darwin on purpose or not judging the ancient civilizations because they’re pagans with widely knowledge may filling one’s Crowded Hearts under the shouts and howling vocals over the group’s crushing beats happening !

Gold Cut: