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Spurious Thrall (Agonia Records 2016)

Another French scenery of Black Metal classic group non-conformist crew delivering the depressing deep lyrics of darkness and despair of horror as Davide Gorrini, Infestuus, Alastor or Massimo Altomare by threatening their audience within this evil releasing sixth albums from the collection of Glorior Belli on Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes) which parting the evidence on extremities and total annihilation that cursing humanity to be forever being tortures by their own existence and progress.

Feel the Alice in Chain's grungy-tinged destructive ideas and images while you ripped in half and crushed to death within the displaying out of Satanists Out Of Cosmic Jail, Upheaval in Chaos Waters, We Whose Glory Was Despised and Rebels in Disguise may scarring scared the intentions of the denouncing of gods and angels and creations went ashtray as Lies-Strangled Skies choked and stop breathing life towards the people living underneath it as over-populated sinned scums.

Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes):