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Sprinklers Godspeed (Sony /Columbia 2017)

   Horror erupts inside the International Space Station (ISS) as the captured probe of Pilgrim 7 returning to earth carrying soil samples contains of extra-terrestrial evidence being retrieved by ISS six-members for further study before sending it to earth. A quick growth of multi-cell organism being named Calvin by th American school children suddenly, turning from harmless little alien being onto terribly hostile as it goes attacking Hugh Derry a paralyzed exobiologist after he shocked it to revive during the accident in the lab, escaping enclosure and devours the lab rat – growing in size and later starts to killing the crew one by one on this Daniel Espinosa Sci-Fi horror filmmaking – Life. Devours engineering Rory Adams organ from inside his mouth at the locked lab grows Calvin even larger and smarter to escaping the fire-control vent. Communication jammed caused of the overheating; ISS commander Ekatrina Golovkina goes for a space-walk to fixing the problems got attacked by Calvin and drowning herself inside the spacesuit by broken the water coolant system process filling in her suits before she can reaching back to the airlock. 
   As the situation getting dangerous with Calvin attempts to re-entering on through maneuvering thrusters; the rest of the crew trying to blasts the alien but fails as too much fuel uses sending ISS on decaying orbit shall burning fast onto earth atmosphere but later the crew manage to cancel that to happens even though they must sealing themselves and venting the station to make Calvin dormant again. Jon Ekstrand’s Ambient-thrilling works via the original soundtrack album did turning your fearful moments reality as things that looks friendly can turning hazardous and deadly; Life recording instrumental score which pumps out the adrenaline after the peaceful beginning for knowledge epiphany through Welcome to The ISS, It’s Alive or Like a Bird and Care to Dance ? suddenly dreadful transforming Spacewalk, Thrusters, Up Up, Not The Face and I Thought They Came to Rescue Us and Goodnight Earth tells the audience about the fail-safe plan from the Soyuz spacecraft on saving the survivor astronauts David and Miranda but to lure Calvin into isolation on the pod while the girl escaping to another one also did not work very well in the end – as Calvin manage to attack David in manually pilot pod while Miranda sending the black box messages telling the truth about things happened on the ISS that day but the earthbound spiraling send Miranda’s pod away from earth into debris and outer space but David pod fell on the sea near Vietnam as he terribly mutates with calvin inside and the fishermen outside trying to open the hatch for help.