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Special Rider Shadow (Klonosphere/F2m Planet 2013)

   Grungy metallic Stoner Rock formats that carries by these Limoges, France troops of young souls under the naming group of the lead-guitarist/bass player Julien Bernard with Jeremy Cantin-Gaucher on drums diverse their methods and influential taken from the Corss-Over militants like Suicidal Tendencies, nuaces power sensibility from Artic Monkeys, The Datsuns groovy Velcro glams or synthetic infamous gigs off Infectious Groves, Clutch or even Placebo not triggered from paris but Massive Rock tuning maker did puts elemental head-banging inventions over 7 Weeks recording on Carnivora that carries thus modern metal elements, standard distorting riffs and force of drumming as well as Southern-tuned melodies lead roles in solos or further monstrous display there among Year Zero, Acid Rain, Bones and Flowers, Diary Day-7, High in Heavenly Places, Let Me Drown and more.

Going to reminds you towards the mixtures off Tool and Deftones and the newer Motley Crew plaything with no nude live girls !