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Speakers Push The Air (Lookout! Records 2002)

   Emotional tinged track-listing themes lyrics and tales for teenage angst in modern day urban living features is here bursting hard within the performance of Pretty Girls Make Graves (P.G.M.G) which forming in Seattle, Washington right after the ideas came out from The Smiths music and Jack Kerouac quote on the formations of Andrea Zollo, Derek Fudesco, Jason Clark to Leona Marrs and Nick Dewitt as the group altogether banging their Pop-Punk and Progressive Rock tuning written sounds and bangs via the releasing for number one debut album entitled – Good Health that posing the non-famed Indie Rock and anatomy-arts and knowledge and coloring short messages typed to make eligible tasks like the band’s music bash towards the youth energy and audience listening moments via If You Hate Your Friends You’re Not Alone, Sad Girls Por Vida, The Get Away, Untitled onto More Sweet Soul, Ghosts in The Radio and even By The Throat really chasing the lost tracks that once we follow into but merely, as the era changes and the commercial trends felt unhealthy; one needs to go back and turning behind to catch a glimpse of better music program. 

Good Health: