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Spar 07:26 (Self-Released 2017)

   Funky tuning surprises makes one nodding for a minute or mouth opens as sharing sound tickles like this unintentional met up trio within taste for Retro-Funk and Pop Electro lively musical for Eli Winderman on keyboards, Jesse Miller the bassist as Charlie Patierno joining forces evolve between jazzy Electronic and Dance jamming as well drums playing to recording writing and the birth of slef-titled recording release from Octave Cat group adding their ability in musical performance towards modular synth, juno-106, arp omni or percussion; wurlitzer 200/prodigy moog onto clavinet and wurlitzer 140 neaty usable through Intl Klein, Fever Subsides, Metropolis, Zero Sum Game as well as TitTat and Contact High celebrating the natural freedom releasing lives of the farther mountains to blueish savannah and the dark figure standing proud of the panther watching its territory by afar or surrounds.

Octave Cat: