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Sonus Solis (Not On Label 2014)

   Event must be celebrates and began of life started all which continues this story about live drums effects, handling production and song-writing groove beats project crossed over this Danish/Canadian mutual Electronic/Alt.Dance Pop and Future EBM passions track-listing made up by Nina Io, Jesper Io and Frederic Scarfone working their live synths to co-operational with iszoloscope, memmaker or Norad and giving vocals/lyrics/melodies arrangements as Neosol. Steps in to the cyberworld realm within Ecliptic and drink your wine for watching the sun burns the surroundings to make the planetary system keep on orbiting and not colliding to each other which provides by sci-fi distinctive total beats to dance or head-bang to the hypnotic gains crafted Electro-Pop explosions through Exoskeleton, Poisoned Land, Lights Out, Your Dead World, Black Sunday as well as Manipulation or Guinevere – sounding prestigious and quick brilliance as feedback over a debut. 

For Industrial, Synth-Pop and EBM lover listeners fanatic only; this Copenhagen project crew will be lively seducing !