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Sonerda En Vivo (Bandcamp 2017)

   Dean Haakeson (guitar, vocals), Matty Gerken (bass, vocals), Jeremy Pagan (guitar,vocals) Catie Turner (viola) and Mike Ruiz (percussion) playing their acoustic Folk Rock with their nerdy songwriter project and Hip-Hop as well as everything else to listen by the audiences through Be Brave Bold Robot’s releasing their recording But to Hate God Do Get A Hot Tub. Compressing into seven tracks musical of Indie Pop with thus cute artworks and melodic combinations through harmony vocals and reflective themes not too serious but not bad to be called wiser onto Rhyme Time How To, Hiking, Old Man and Sugar Snack Snack Shop Snapshot to Better Late will sounding colorful and listenable like everlasting – just as peaceful as when you watching the sun setting over the rural areas and the amusing panorama mesmerizing you devotion as speechless within the amazing masterpiece of inventive music taking over your stereo room and Be Brave Bold Robot presenting this to us as a daily gift.

But to Hate God Do Get a Hot Tube: