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Smokey Business (Hysterical Records 2017)

   Garage-Rock riffs and Punkish tones attitude bursts out within these Melbourne hot-sexy female duo but really mad or having too much damn problems inside their souls to making this bloody error music by the screaming voices and simple rebellious sounds for none of you or the world but criticizing themselves for not being conscious fighting the real enemy which is greed of humanity and commercial capitalism in fashion, technology, economy to political incorrect featuring Georgi Goosack for lead vocals, drums, artworks and Kim Prawn on vocals, guitars with Paul Maybury (recording and mixed these four anger lyrics songs over Eggs Eggs Eggs EP recording. As Shrimpwitch bloated their massive crushing Grunge and Alternative Rock grooves to mock your system and social status here honestly, not trying to sounded nice and having their league through Red Aunts or Babes in Toyland competitors so far this new millennium as Minimum Chips and Lust For a Kick leads the firing shoots of Indie-Rock loads slapping your spoiler fucking face from Australia ! 

Eggs Eggs Eggs EP: