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Ski Major (Not On Label 2015)

   Pareidolia is the momentary timing when one can easily see or saw figures like humanoid or faces on non-biological things and daily stuff as that same word being chosen by Spacebag trio formatting for drummer Gorm, Dave on guitars and Luke the keyboardist producing this led-crazy tempos over Prog-partying Noise-Rock onto Grind-noise and metallic instrumentals shreds of weirdness outta Seattle underground scene. Within additional bass guitar played by Dave or Bagnus X-1 as well Gorm but Michael A. Freeman did a much artistic mid-term advance astronaut painting for the front cover didn’t quite matched through thus elements of devastating music sounds carried by Sequoia, Stairway Denied, Hypostasis or Sensitivity Training as well as Among Other Things – reacted like there has been a critical news about how the world’s going to end a week after this performance and death means business since then …