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Sickwyse Moon (Les Enfants Du Paradiddle 2015)

Musical project from Aberdeen, Scotland regularly adds by additional talents musicians like Beth Anderson (violin) or Duncan Hart (cello) or Phillip Johnston (flute, sitar, melodica) to Mike Napier (guitars, bass, ukulele) ideas from Alan Davidson as his own project – The Kitchen Cynics onto Folk-World Music and converged Progressive Psychedelic-Pop tunes closer to a harmonic spoken words as acid folk also available by thus sad songs lyrics story adventure and long journey of the lonely life-walker absolutely, likeable and effective to opens your imagination while listening to it. 

Chicken playing the home-made trombone as giant saxophone being built by expert blacksmith and blue butterfly helping to easy a little girl’s feeling on Common Blue album carrying the band’s new millennium repertoire through responding Venus on a Buckie, All The Same, Wee Black Cloud, Dr. Guild, Tullyfergus and Foul Friday or Quietly David really fits The Turntable Turns to Take a Heart over Wakeup Dream realms inhabited by caterpillars and hawks behind thus loneliest sadder vocals of that man. 

Common Blue: