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Shipwreck Shallow (Bandcamp 2013)

   Featuring Luke Dennis (bass), Aaron Latos (drums, vibes), Jacob Miller (lead guitar, live pedal tweaking for vibes) as led by  Anna Morsett (guitars, vocals), John Michael Swartz for cello, J. Tom Hnatow for pedal steeland Tom Tierney on vocals completing this recording sessions as written produced songs made brilliantly by Anna Morsett herself through Runsmash going in six minutes and forty-five seconds, Salt 04:01 or The Brightest Lies (03:11) and Veins over four minutes and fifty one second as a single soloist project with friends helping out like a band doing their stuff in Tinder by The Still Tide shall makes your rainy sad night or banishing bad signs or vibes out from your front yard is like magic that brings back life from the big tree wounded dying after the cut growing again a small branch tales for modern living days.

Like the female version of Dashboard Confessional doing Pop-Indie Folk stuff.