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Shadows Stuck Your (Self-Released 2017)

   Supporting the delicate beats or grooves in the making with thus connections relates to the sexy/ugly/weirdy female vocals leading the role over ten tracks written onto the division combined onto Psychedelic/Blues/Indie and Desert Stoner Rock pleasure consisted by the performance from Nathan Riddle (bass), Phillip Moore (drums), Kody Muhic (drums), Josh Sullivan (guitars, bass) and Phlecia Sullivan on vocals re-arranging their materials on telling stories about Trouble Comes just like when you being sitting alone trapped surrounding by predators of the public as enemies – getting ready to reaping you into pieces or molesting your soul through the digital album made recording by Year Of October recommended Nashville’s products of the newcomer brings their latest solid grungy materials alike When It Rains, Come & Get It, Lost onto Watch It Burn, Bringing Out The Dead as well as Hollow or Broken might be enjoyable for you through songs that wasn’t Bad but rocking ! 

Trouble Comes: