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Self-Portrait Closed (Independent 2015)

Produced by Andrew Martin, designed by Mike Corbitt and mastered by Mike Eichstedt is for Lola only decidated but also you can listening on these Alternative Neo-Soul and Indie Rock loops project with Rn’B taste from modern Reno, Nevada’s album of Mantra recorded by Up Is The Down Is The (what a strange name to pick) but cool to remembered but harder is this Electronic musical producer and singer/song-writer materials by thanking those whom helping them an supports – like one whom listening to this right now.

Make a good impressions and let the Saturday afternoon with plans worked on your family too by having Time Will Tell, Oh Me Oh My, Again and Again, Unraveling to Pastiche and Slow Motion would really pledge a very enjoyable and catchy harmonies to the stereo system rather than holding the grudge against thus whom did mistakes to you and your lives. 

Abstract but honest and original soft calm.