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Second Forwever (Unknown Records 2014)

   Screamo-Metal in Punk-Rock diets by jamming rock tunes complex off St. Thomas hometown and skateboarding, ice cream, peanut butter and video games liking for Mike Klassen (percussion), Jon Bate (rhythm guitars), Trevor Bale (lead guitars) and Shawn Palmer (bass/vocals) which liking other but music the most as written self-inflicting terror sounds here as NLSD crew for having good times in a consumption over A New Path album disaster in incompatible acts results product but you would like to bashing stuff away out while listening on seminal catchy melodic riffs and choruses ever emerging from the band’s catalog right here via Playing The Game, Slowfast, One For The Government, We’re Coming Down, My name is Kurt Cobain, Great The Car Broke Down or We Are The Sinners; truly makes that parental advisory label looks it should stays there for a reason !

A New Path: