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Scrinivm (Cyclic Law 2014)

   Hristo Gospodinov from Bulgaria creates his solo project of Ambient meets the Industrial Music affiliations towards several good albums but this one on Nihil probably, his imminent works so far that one can taste via thus death in the air atmosphere, mystical conjugation and biblical prayers for the left living struggles with the sinful mortals while the angels and the saints already dragged out to different dimension by grim reaper himself silently since the intact touches through the sessions of experimental Dark Ambient bursts of grooming sounds and hallucinogen streaming drugged noises came like the creeper things inside your cabin as fevers. Electronic fusion that threatening or dangerous by the movements whispering echoed or so; did pretty much damage to the hearing audience in waiting for something menacing comes out but still needs time to wait for following Carnal Euphoria, Hellfire, Shadow Puppet and Disintegration of an Ego goes for the monitoring doomsday non-preparation themed that facing critical moments.