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Scars And Stripes (Self-Released 2006)

   As lethal as the real PCP drugs is what you can called to this Angelspit project which correctly, pulls their Industrial Electronic rocking metal-fusion from the area place in Sydney somewhere onto your course stereo system broken society’s problems that pops out like a infection pimple off the modern –day popular music scene downto resurfacing from the underground Techno-metallic busting gut and sexy terror lyrics as being comprising for names like George Bikos, Karl Learmont to Kitsu Noir and Matt Siegel and many more mixed genders version of line-up hailing these Australian debut recording session of album in Krankhaus as addictive arousing Electro-Industrial female bitch lying alone inside the empty bath-tube commencing suicidal rhymes to thus thumping beats groove that erupts either the combinations on drugging territory of the entire brain cells or just pumping heart-failure over the mortal sinned souls fans of Industrial Metal crushing music that injecting yours with power of the depressive and darker version of the colder hell pit awaits the future to total failure. Listening in louder volumes for Vena Cava, Elixir, 100%, Make You Sin, Flesh Stitched onto a Flame, Get Even, Dead Letter onto A La Mode A La Mort and Black Wine. Gets you drunk in non-pleasure above touches of poisoned hands by the invisible bursts for Wreak Havoc to Create Desire.