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Salty Donuts Licking (Related Records 2018)

   Since the secondary album switching the ideas of this group onto the chosen name on Turqouiz Noiz releasing Sweat Lodge and the remains compositions for this new forms would still be coming Rocky, Rachel, Brendan and Patrick with the co-working displays on distorted noises and additional arts from Mothraqueen while Ms Zisette and Mr.Yazzie or Brendan Casey expanding their idealistic measurement towards this Grunge teaming-up of experimental weirdo Pop-Punk not really sing-along tunes written there for traditional woman of the native doing the weaving style in making great beauty results just like the band composing their own music sounds as simple and spontaneous as being taken over through Garage Rock meets Punk and divided onto East and West sides. Go listen for the nineties winds of changes once again stumbles upon these tracks like Debit Card, Meaty, Ranchero or Sad But True and What’s The Matter and as well for 1984 which accompanied the dance outdoors in thus dry field calling the old spells and chants on Pray For Rain because the summer has been devastating burner the world out here next to the sparkling Vegas. 

Pray For Rain: