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Sacred Visitors (Alpha Pup 2017)

   Beats brought softly, non-surprising but interested to hear may cause the smaller effects for attraction towards vivid color scheme or dynamic rhythms behind thus fusion sounds blend for Swing, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Electronic to Classical textures on the odyssey environmental between harmony and melodic scoop as collaborators landscape aspect pollinated by this Los Angeles project under the format of slower saxophone blows or thus bass-lines non-stop gimmick-ing its grooves within your listening time on Pendulum Part 1 and 2 (feat. Randal Fisher), Song For The Sacred (feat. Flavia, Isaac Takeuchi and Christian Frederick Thierback) as well as Galaktik Free Form Funk and Painting Pictures (feat. Todd Simon) acclaiming the hand’s palm reflecting shapes on it as Fusion Swing the album greater to served with ice and more stronger whiskey or Bourbon via Elusive play – arranging the sessions quite clever smart and delivers to the audience soloist instrumentals – reasonable as the soundtrack for some eighties action/drama movies …

Fusion Swing: