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Rotary Internal (Desire Records 2013)

   Monotone tempos and dead-beats covering your ears which consuming these complication complex themed sounds on songs written by the current line-up trio on Phosphor crew – Jake Ambrdige on guitars/vocals, Nathalie Bruno on lead vocals as well as Helene De Thoury on keyboards don’t letting their beauties changing the sadder minds in the New Wave versus Synth-Pop Electronic tunes recorded materials via Youth and Immortality which means that you must be thus fanatic fans of Depeche Mode, The Cure and thus Goth-Pop and Electro-Goth Punks scenery which stays calming under the shadows of depressions and hundred tears of hopeless crawls intimately, coring the inner vengeance over the world of happiness by writing non-joyous lyrics to be told to the audience before some of them taking notes or suicide earlier while the music still on. Either you choose not to finishing this or perhaps, the harmony invites the ears to make love to oneself and smile for the first time – knowing that you’re being blessed for taking decision for ending life between the machinery drumming and rhythmic tunes beater following Entropy, City Lights, One Night in Rome, Tortured Soul as well as Dark of Summer – pleasing to say nothing but thank you to sweet painless death coming creeping with the shape geometric figures that hypnotizing you through female voices. 

Youth and Immortality: