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Rencor Blue (Self-Released 2013)

   Travels to Finland studying more about her theater for musical project means a lot for the works of Marta S. Ortega is an entertainment whether you’re a songwriter, producer or VJ and singer like her as thus accomplished to this results on Ortega’s Website ( recording album filled within Ambient experimental and Electronic eerie sounds sharpening the audience senses while hearing them; Chica Fabrica would be a proper name for that and sour girl face carrying piglet may affecting the haunting whispers and six tracks available through the story about Ella, Temor 12, Grey Tear and El Violinista care to erupts a balance between ordinary piano melodies and adventurer sounds play of instrumental tunes on the record. As the harvest season over-viewed from Madrid, Spain to worldwide, this tormenting non-vocals deliberation things should be enough to accompanies your excellent way for suicidal or reflection thru quite sometimes before November.