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Radio Big C (T’Myll Productions 2016)

   Yup ! The R&B and Neo-Soul gospels featured the rootsy Hip-Hop fortune as Jazz fusion beats taking over your hearing sense via South Bend – Indiana project soloist of Micki Miller in this urban mixed with eastern culture meets twentieth centuries moving out from under the shell to be loved by the audience on Summertime Chi. 

   As female figure seeing her beloved city from behind the glass window looking familiar, develops and producing the songwriting and performance from keyboardist Tarrah Micki Miller with some musician friends and alternative genre sounds for popular scene listeners. Ten dreamy Rn’B tracks like Cruisin’, Beachlude (Wave), in The Mornin’ (Dedicated to Bert) echoed the intros and the skits through joining for Fearless (feat. YPJ), Incredible Pt. 1 and Better (feat. Million) may causing your feelings dancing as well as your fingertips and your toes too. 

Hat’s off gal ! 

Summertime Chi: