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Quoting Peperomia (Darling Productions 2018)

   Overwhelming sessions of alternates music process as your ordinary minds won’t actually, fits to be here listening and being tortured by those experimental noises sampling of heavily video-gaming sound designs and action thoughts for individuals and coherent album recording recorded under the leading role of multi-instrumentalist figure main of Przemyslaw Wojtaszek travels onto mixing productions and contact microphones to synthesizers, silence vocals, electric guitars, acoustic as well as hazing western flute concert to glockenspiel or trash can with the featuring names like Mikolaj Janeczko for electric guitars, Devin Dabney for vocals/lyrics; drummer Earl Keith or something in pursuits on unorthodox sounds within stereo channel materials as equal measurement in Faxada cutting-edge project delivers Paraa of the bull-heroic figure arming itself to guarded his own labyrinth from modernity treasure-seekers as weirdness listening hour shall continues by the haunting examples of live music meets howler voices terrorizing your family from inside the stereo system going through the mistakes on Happy Tongues, Month, No Slip Face, Midmost Greenhouse Bed, Hasp, Current State of All The World’s Clothes onto Worry Shut as well as Engager and To 4 and 13 – alike deposition Mood’s Tenure or Unsticked first communion living tissues reborn on the lab’s glass container without nobody noticing it.