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Pointing Moralia Merch (Dirty Faces/Pumpkin Records 2010)

   May not really causing too much destruction but you will know the power of Hamburg’s player mixtures band performing their blends of Skacore/Punk/Hardcore and Reggae Dub in trio force tuning of high quality distorted and melodious sounds comes out off Chris, Jano and Yannig live directing arrangements and song-writing.
   Braindead would be your ultimate German unit that still dare to not ejaculating through commercial trends by keep on performing this type of Cross-Over musical for Weapons Of The Weak record and Rock-Reggae to Dub, Ska, Hardcore and Punk mixed shall forever remains fast and slashing when one tear their stereo system aloud in volumes by having To You The Answer is No, It Won’t Be Drawn, Slash and Burn, One Track Mind, Ask a Question and Scream When You Burn or even (This is) The Dead End and T.I.N.A may giveth dozen tons of the band’s repertoire muscles to fighting bad imaginations against dark secluded dimension creatures sucking via particle-processing machine into our planet system. 

Weapons Of The Weak: