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Placebo Effect (The Blog That Celebrates Itself 2016)


Whether you loved Alternative Rock, Shoegaze, Psychedelic Pop to Indie Rock and Post-Punk meets the entire natural wonders of beauty and amazing panorama melts onto the Goth-Rock and not so popular sounds of depressions written by the English substantial less-punkish crew led by the female darkened hair vocalist Siouxie Sioux as well as Steven Severin, Marco Pirroni, Kenny Morris and Budgie and Martin McCarrick among many other names both with their own stories to tell and music to shares here since it was built in London during the seventy-six era.

This Various Desert Kisses – A Tribute to Siouxie and The Banshees’ seventeen recording covers and honoring tunes played by newer artists/bands and mostly, also deep hidden secretly, underground for their Goth-Pop/Rock/Electro scene surfacing there over the displayed tracks like Red Over White, Cities In Dust, Into The Light or The Common Man doing Israel, Sin In My Heart performed by Winkie, The Psalms did Metal Postcard or Weird. doing their version of Hong Kong Garden, Klammer with Alpha Waves to VV & The Void melting in with many more names on this honorable neo-romantic suicidal themes and depression based project like the original semi-legendary did over Song From The Edge of The World until the end of the ticking minutes stops. Are you a fan or just a person passing by ? 

Don’t really stays there for too long or you will be drowned into the hall of Goth-depressed music and there’s no return back from the outdoors valley of the miracle stripes. 

Desert Kisses A Tribute To Siouxie and The Banshees: