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Personalities Slave (Earthquake Terror Noise 2016)

   Adria, Italy’s composition project from Edoardo Boccato for his devastating ideas among being anti-humanity themes writing lyrics and growler mongers when disagreement strikes left alone but continued as solo artists and making this works as the whole things found in possibility concrete in Human as decided with Tommaso Pellegrini dedicates the born on this debut of Technical Death Metal comprising for Edoardo Boccato (guitars, songwriting and lyrics), Tommaso Pellegrini (guitars), Nicola Donega (bass) and Lorenzo Belgrano (vocals) brought this creation horror shows within Cerebral Inwardness between the faraway galaxy and the nearest solar system through Hope, Unknown, Bitterness, Divided Entity, Mutant or Act of Creation as well as Embodied in Human Being that comes fast, furious and devastating soloist melodic and riff-age as the entire exo-planets before entering our atmosphere to do the finishing conclusion about extra-ordinary conspiracies facts.

Human's Cerebral Inwardness: