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Pepe’s Brittle (Sunday Records 2002)

   Many aliases for the duet of Adam Cooper and Catherine Cooper feels alike their surroundings did pursuing thus a little bit popularity onto the written on Pop-Rock to indie Alternative comparable to your mom’s sounds of the 60’s and orchestral pop tunes from Chicago area promising to a good Jangly guitars on lush Pop in female vocals whose sounding catchy by layers as sophistication of Pop leads the commercial retro-formats did by that Burt Bacharach kinds of music through fuzz pedals or The Carpenters doing their things in more speed ways. 

The couple of Illinois talented beauty and lovely voice or you can say – gorgeous; interacts within expert drumming performance of ken Mari (House of Lords) to Scott Hessel of Gin Blossoms and Benjamin Currier and Nick Pasco completing the Indie-Pop soften tunes that’s going to make plenty audience falling in love easily on the band – Insta shall forever abound to their excellent simple song-writings or performance like this album debut: Checklist For Love which showing us two shadowy couple playing water on a shore of their relationship that, perhaps lasted. 

Favorable songs to pick here: Leaving with So Little Said, Suddenly, Thumbtack, Mexico Sometimes and Eyelash to A Time For Tears means You Can’t Hide Everything … 

Checklist For Love: