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Paura Nella Viventi Morti (Chaos Records 2016)

   Old Chapel's Old-School mixed unbridled extremity furies just put awesomeness onto Russian Federation’s extreme metallic scene sounds as Classics as the 90’s guttural Death Metal successor noticing on this excellent brutality touches on heaviness and rottenness as real to you head-banging following them as the total drumming and riffs and rhythms caught the heart on faster beating mode methodically, re-imagining thus crude, direct and dense atmosphere for guitar lines to raw structures details as recommended for your collection racks fills the unbridled Visions From Beyond and its kingdom of blasphemous creatures awakening in evil ways in burning of church remains planned well by the authority of irreligious mankind and metal-heads to wipe out desire for worshiping false master and starts to obeying Witchboard telling us to solidify the brilliant re-building of darkness prevails here within Disastrous Rite, Stairs to The Vault, The Nightmare Room and Leaving a Body hails the opening gate of our beloved images on hell of the earth. 

Visions From Beyond: