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Panic At The Bistro (Sony Music/Columbia 2018)

   Michelle Williams and Tom Hardy starring this new villain/adventure antagonist characters involving the life of Eddie Brock the journalist with his fiancĂ©e Anne started everything as a probe form outer space crashed somewhere in Malaysia territory after the symbiotic lifeforms collected from a comet owned by Life Corporations bioengineering led by Carlton Drake learns about the survival of those extra-terrestrials needing host of humans for oxygen breathing recovers the three to be transported back to US but one lost to possessing a body of S&R local team being moved several times from places to find the way back to its kinds captured and studied inside the secret labs of Life Corp. Brock confronts Drake on the private interviews about the company uses of human trials in classified documents resulting the insults for being fired on both individuals Eddie and Anne as their relationships also ended. 
Drake testing his new alien life-forms on any people he can get kidnapped and lure to the lab as six months achievements looks vulnerable in between as more people died and some stays but alerting fragile after the symbiosis project happened as Brock got help from the insider scientist Dora Skirth to sneaking inside the facility one day but unlucky result occurs as Eddie trying to safe his homeless woman friend from the symbiote program and getting attack as the creature penetrates his mouth and possessing him a great power, ability to go faster, stronger and shapeshifting Brock into Venom as mercenaries being sent out to chasing and recapture Brock and the alien beings by Life Corp. within strange symptoms and executed Skirth by Drake goes on further more giving us explanations about the beginning of how Venom was born in his own epic story telling. 
   SWAT officers fighting actions, mercenaries driving chase and Venom furies upon bad guys as its hunger desire for consuming flesh did leads Eddie Brock for the first time being a hero and doing the right thing as evidence of Drake’s crimes or the real threat of the symbiote comet invasion for new world and devouring of the inhabitants may sounded terrible but as they learn to knowing each other with respect – Venom decided to stay on earth and fighting the bad symbiote leader – Riot possessing Drake and tries to bring  the rest of its colony to this planet and conquering it. The explosion probe over battling aliens and Anne helps, thought destroying all those symbiotes but Venom and Brock are secretly, connected bond to protecting the city of San Francisco from criminals. 
The Various Artists recording soundtrack scores also provided by the good works of Ludwig Goransson compiles his own orchestra-instrumentals like Pedal To The Metal, Parasite, Run Eddie Run, Eyes Lungs Pancreas towards those metal-bands fury numbers from Bullet for My Valentine, Children Of Boom, Korn onto Eminem (both officially or unofficial) breaking the silence mystery on Venom Rampage !