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Panhandler’s Hygiene (United Musicians 2003)

Saint Paul, Minnesota good group of your pleasure sounds on Indie Rock music with the large amount of band-members off the band The Honeydogs with Adam Levy the singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and a leader, Trent Norton (bass, vocals), Brian Halverson (guitar, vocals), Peter J. Sands (piano, keyboards, organ), Matt Darling (trombone), Steve Kung (trumpet), Peter Anderson (drums, vocals) or Ryan Plewacki (guitars, vocals) as the group releasing several good records and for the example we can trying to taste the band’s sixth recording entitled 10,000 years.

One can see through the variety of music combinations inside it as Folk-Rock Americana and Indie Pop holding their grips as basic; revealing the chromosomes harmony or melodies and soft vocals through Damascus Way, The Rake’s Progress, Poor Little Sugar and Last War Lullaby to Ms. Anne Thorpe. You would loving it perfectly, leaving the legal information about Indie-Pop track-listing within these thirteen songs fabulous far better than just Test Tube Kid. 

10,000 Years: