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Pagoda Slide (ABKCO Music 2018)

   Dystopian stop-motion sci-fi animated comedy of dramatizing adventure journey for Atari Kobayashi in search of his lost dog Spots banished with the entire canine population out of Megasaki metropolis by the decree signing from mayor Kenji as the effects of influenza virus or dog-flu into trash island leaving many suffers not to see their pets again as professor Watanabe trying hard to find the curing of it while Atari decided to steal a plane and flies to trash island but crashed there only to find his new bond after being helped by stranded/stray dogs pack led by Chief on this Isle of Dogs film. 
Located his pet on the other side of the area where rumored to be inhabited by cannibals dog tribe but then, a rescue team arrived – send to taking back Atari from being kidnapped by thus dogs by the city authority as on the other hand – an exchange student Tracy Walker also begin her investigation over the conspiracy of the death professor Watanabe being poisoned within his wasabi because he finally found the cure for the disease in order to cure and returning dogs back to the city. Various Artists recording of original motion picture soundtrack composed by Kaoru Watanabe and Alexandre Desplat via Jupiter and Oracle + Aboriginal Dogs, The Hero Pack, The Municipal Dome, Six Months Later + Dog Fight, Shinto Shire onto Taiko Drumming or even The Tokyo Symphony Orchestra’s Kanbei & Katsushiro – Kukichiyo’s Mambo – from “seven samurai” through more instrumental tracks telling us about Nutmeg the insistence purebred female dog and Sushi Scene intentionally marks the explanation. 
   Relationship grow stronger while Atari gives Chief a bath during their separation off the journey or the help that comes from the not actually cannibal dogs led by Spots driving the assailants rescuer puts the story about Spots mated Peppermint as well. Extermination of all dogs is due with the replacing for robot dogs plan news being heard by the dogs and Atari as they’re preparing the journey back to mainland but Tracy proves her evidence on mayor kenji corruption on his re-election ceremony until the haiku presented by Atari signifies the strong bond between dogs and human as major domo trying to executes a poison button but backfires after being hacked. 
Atari being injured from the fight with robot dogs but having donation of a kidney from Kenji admitting his mistakes as all the authorities being jailed and everything turns to normal again for Megasaki city in future Japan.