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Oyndi Silence Recovered (Bandcamp 2014)

   Icelandic unit named Var objectively, coming out from Reykjavik area and consisting for Siguraur Ingi Einarsson, Arnor Jonasson, Egill Bjorgvinsson and Julius Ottar Bjorgvinsson locating their own musical beliefs to the being tunes remarks as ideas in arranging music formats over Post-Rock/Shoegaze and Indie Dream-Pop combinations embed and serving with melodies and harmonic knitting impressive slow-peaceful whispering spells recorded onto Loka Aftur Augunum or The World Fell as well as Hve Ott eg Ber a that relates to examples of lives or even Undir Suo closest to The Suo in local mythical explanations but when one didn’t recognized or understanding the meaning of the lyrics doesn’t matter because music shall always be universal as the band given special tahnks to Karl Pestka playing his violins reserved well preserving the soft tunes sounds for this self-titled painting realm on small housing under the hill of green mystery.