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On Hood To Confrontation (Warner Bros. 1983)

   So when you think it’s safer to just stays on land – the rural area turning onto a bloodbath terror tales from once a friendly St. Bernard canine named Cujo that got bitten by rabid bat inside the cave and goes beastly run to the nearby small town attacking people and unfortunately, housewife Donna and sensitive young son Tad just arrived their way to repairs something to mechanic Joe Camber whose also got mauled later by Cujo as well as the sheriff. The entire Steven King’s novel story with its intrigues and climax may causing you a very bad dreams as well as for dog’s lovers that danger immediately, would come towards you in a matter of time everywhere as evil plaything choose whenever and wherever it likes to appear like this movie. An affair with ex-high school boyfriend, the tested marriage with Vic the advertiser husband going on a business trip; the trapping situations within danger effects soon comes over dehydration or heatstroke off the sunny hot weather as the Camber family’s pet turning rabid beast and covering its mouth with the blood and chunks of its victims several times attacking the small ford pinto where Donna the housewife and Tad the her son only can staying survived inside it – ravage by the giant dog again and again. The rekindle marriage and returning home to find the house being vandalized but not caused by Kemp or kidnapping leads Vic quickly, tracking his family to Camber’s house.
   Cujo the movie directed by Lewis Teague and music soundtrack being composed by Charles Bernstein did a fantastic job on delivers the horrific sudden disgusting and furor terrorizing imaginations intact to your memory after watching this film; right from the Main Title/Rabbit Chase beginning to Kemp to Dinner, Hoist Delivery/Split Milk or Monster Words Wall/Cujo in The Fog as well as Brett and Charity to Drive to Siege carries the meaningful will to survive and mother’s instinct for helping to save her loveable kin from dangerous situation as the baseball hitting the hard-head of the rabid beast and thus impaling stomach didn’t stop the actual murderous killer from rampaging the kitchen window and enters for its second attempts of slaughtering but with the sheriff’s revolver and good aiming shot – Donna manage to kill Cujo before her husband arrives and reuniting with his beloved family.