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Oak Discovery (Self-Released 2013)

   Greenville, North Carolina’s blending on Death Metal to American Folk tunes wrote down by Aether Realm or Heinrich Arnold, Tyler Gresham and Vincent Jones gives your new faces of next generation Southern Metal tunes another bites the dust one opportunity for measuring something different than thus groovy blasts that used to be trademarked entire rising land of the south back to where it belongs on the underground Heavy metal hierarchy and later feels that you been toss away through kinds of final fantasy battle force on speeding extreme metal fusion and growler vocals with double drumming pedals into Viking Metal realms as well as Black Metal shots as One Chosen By The Gods delivers us more intrigued themes about the past medieval and conquering era where the planet still savage in filth and discovered adventures brought into swords and shields and magical beings over more-european basic Swampwitch, Hourglass, Ravensong, Winter’s Grasp and Odin Will Provide seems to be closer to your Asgardian world than Extreme Southern Metal originalities.

One Chosen By The Gods: