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Nuclear War (Adult Crash 2009)

   Branding the non-copyrighted similarity from NOFX taken lead vocals, Gang Green-alike speeding tunes, punkish sicker protests and fast karma driven onto New Blood is these Copenhagen’s Hardcore unit – Night Fever with Mathias Friborg, Salomon Segers, Hasse Dalgaard, Jesper Andersen to Kasper Maarbjerg not gaining popularity within their other identity as Night Faggotz but mosh-pit breaker and slam-dance crowd surfers would really liking this presentations which pounding your fucking filthy ears and the brain cells that only thinking about shopping, buy more stuff and stop caring about the social values around yourself that shaping a modern humanity passing the new millennium to becoming lesser and less appreciates to preserving but selling out themselves. Now these Denmark punkish crew trying to re-arranged the majority views and the minority thoughts via their self-written musical rocking tunes through those fast tracks such as Still Kicking, Wasted, Insane, Better Off Dead and Twilight Zone against the lifeless dead birdbrains community suspicious about everything that doesn’t look the same like they wanted to see and because you need to listen for it and because This Is Copenhagen !!!

New Blood: