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Msssr. Powers Monster (Sub Pop 2016)

   Morgan Delt is a based musician living in Los Angeles playing and arranges his own particular musical project solo using the man’s self name in and Psychedelic Rock and modern tunes breeding the good marks intact thus terrible times and happy hours themes altogether like the orange sun rising or downing the era of high technology progress and advance future world picturing the drawn of new nation under peace and love not intrigue or suspicious reaching their Phase One as the loathsome harmonies and melodic tuning choruses or distinctive song-writing over finest coexist or the worse thru - I Don’t Wanna See What’s Happening Outside, Another Person, The System of 1000 Lies, The Age of The Birdman or A Gun Appears as well as Escape Capsule ridiculously, telling you that even on thus perfect world built by superb mankind didn’t lasted longer if the universe said the force needs to change and everything will also changed. 

Morgan Delt knows best on writing his own personal experiences during Some Sunsick Day or The Lowest of The Low moments. 

Situation observes and lyrics shall be written as signature …

Phase Zero: