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Mouse And The Trap (Elektra/Sire 1972)

   Annotated, programmed and produced by the legendary Lenny Kaye the american guitarist for Patti Smith Group assembling this rare-goods material from the groundbreaking compilation over Psychedelic and Garage Rock music sounds came from the era of gold between the mid to the late sixties and the early seventies; these product of awesomeness called Nuggets: original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968 brought to your stereo system player by the creative yet smart ideas and tons of various artists/bands/singers for this CD box-sets divided onto four discs series. Supervised by Jac Holzman approximately, legitimate and dedicated to be unearthed until today society as history lessons which shall not being bored to listening to – as mono-chromatic sounds meets the effects on LSD consumption or other oriental/eastern beliefs affecting the rest of an era that spawning very much generations for changes in the face of the planet’s culture as side one presenting The Electric Prunes – I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night), The Standells’ Dirty Water, The Vagrant’s Respect or The Blues Project in No Time Like The Right Time while side two delivers The Seeds, The Barbarians as well as The Magicians and The 13th Floor Elevators with Rocky Erickson via You’re Gonna Miss Me. As The Knickerbockers sending us The Beatles’ tuned songs alike on Lies; the other discs like side three gave you Michael and The Messengers in Romeo & Juliet, The Leaves for Hey Joe or The Amboy Dukes’ Baby Please Don’t Go but the side four sending the audience another choices naming groups there like The Mojo Men, The Third Rail, The Chocolate Watchband and The Premiers by thus amazing artworks out of the front cover and the inlays reflecting the golden era of the meaningful moments for Psychedelic, Garage Rock to Proto-Punk to blossoming and being loved by many. This project is a must collectible !