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Mountains In Thunder (Bullet Proof/Red Light 1994)

   Old-School Death Metal thrashing your guts from within the stereo hell is there on Chicago’s forming unit growls of American scene and apocalyptic scene off their secondary releasing album alike to those fans of Obituary and other eighties Death Metal community to share and tortures each other with this one. Cianide crew of Andy Kuizin, Jeff Kabella, Jim Bresnahan, Mike Perun, Nick Sebock and Scott Carroll may already witnessing the parts of hell-pit as mankind being sent to be forever tortured with or without being sin cause the devils and demons loved them so much to play with as Doomy Death Metal and catholicism choirs may be too unfaithful for describing how perfect this lot being making onto written satisfactory pledge in defiance via their darkened creepy tales in Gates of Slumber, Eulogy, The Luciferian Twilight, Beyond The Fallen Horizon and the Slaughter covering track too – Death Dealer which showing us that these metallic brute still liking to mentioned their favorable music-themed not entirely, only subdues onto Death Metal in general as disease for your kids hearing package. 

A Descent Into hell means that that fictional place perhaps, really build somewhere and really going to snatch you in one day ! 

A Descent Into Hell: