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Mother Europe (Vision Of God Records 2016)

   Alexander Grechanyuk for guitars rhythms, Slava Malinin performing vocals, keyboards, bass, drums, programming and Nikolay Kiriljuk on guitars are the trio behind these Kyyiv – Ukraine’s fantasy Christianity Death-Power and Thrash Metal combinations sound tuning elements of underground extremities under the name of Angel 7 with this display on their album entitled Hail To The King that consumes the championing tales of god and his angle troops over the underworld hell and death itself as biblical and apocalyptic possible to watch and hear through those materials of melodic metal fusion of heaviness in the making glorified by the rising cross in the blue sky and the fallen kingdom of imposter or unbeliever while the tremendous Heavy Metal music brought there through Perfect Weapon, Shall Not Be Alone, The Broken Horns of Azazel, She is Coming to Cry on The Grave, Cold As Ice and Hail Jesus – being growled onto your stereo system that campaigning thus Christian metal fanatics on their way to destroying the enemy within via head-banging music today !

Hail To The King: