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Mother Divine Tree (Zenon Records 2017)

   Bring the works of all entire timing since the beginning of how Kris Mosher did his creative arrangements as main project site of Oregon, Portland’s based production with several other indemnity known as Krysalis Moon and this Smoke Sign which background by the intense influences from Hindu-gods and myths and folklore heritage being dubbed onto the focus Nu-Goa music recent joining the world of progressive in compilation for the unloved themes recorded thru The Storyteller’s Weave which portraying the old queen mother as the new nature goddess in wiser acts trying to keep the perseverance realm intact within the intensive beat-down by tempos of both standard or faster above Dubstep and Progressive Trance or Psy-Trance beats with many friends addition there such as Ticon, Astral Projection and more doing Mahadeva (Smoke Sign Rmx feat. Rogerio Jardim), Ace Ventura’s Stomping Ground (Smoke Sign Rmx) tricks as well as merkaba to Freedom Fighters & HypoGeo onto Machinery and Astrix within High On Mel may causing a brain damage in purportedly uses of excessive dosage listening time. If one liking this kinds of temporary fusion of how on earth we can entering the fifth dimension by music therapy … 

Smoke Sign perhaps, showing his path in between the beats and dancing modes for the lucky ones to enters and being everlasting lost by the hard longest trance limits.

The Storyteller's Weave: