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Mortus Mantrus Drunk (Cyclic Law 2016)

The continuity off more exposures through Peter Bjargo project for Ambient Industrial to Dark Ambient or soundscapes atmospheric and Post-Industrial portraying the curmudgeon destructs upon the victorian kinds of dining room or guest room from parts of the castle which disappearance its beauty consumed by greedy time and the changed of the era in centuries this uncommon new project consisting for Cecillia Bjargo, Per Ahlund and Stefan Eriksson pursuing their likeness over military-based, Industrial and Ambient Dark rites musical onto Unclean's humming and long moaned sounds scary thing cannot be compared except the reminding you for thus horror instrumental music soundtracks as like Wardrobe, Nothing There Nothing Left, Steel Cathedral, Where Steel Meets The Flesh or Greed Grin and Quiet Darkness did their effects onto raising fears among men whom listening to this album. 

Nobody’s left to survive over this …