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Mommo Awakens (Warner Bros./Playtone 2006)

   A perceived strange boy wearing glasses and propeller beanie living in Las Vegas named Lucas being neglected by family or tortured by local bully makes him frustration to destroying anthill with squirt gun that shocking the entire colony – due to those terrifying moments; ant wizard Zoc but Hova the ant-nurse trying to communicate with human in fascination gets only more attacks from Lucas whose kicking the anthill and scattered it before the ants leaders decided to use Zoc potion to shrinks Lucas into ant-size and captured him. The Ant-Bully is a computer-animated fantasy comedy film for kids with the moral story about don’t do bullying acts on anything because that thing might fights back. Before being dropped a potion by the ants on his ear; Lucas signing a contract with local exterminator Stan Beals for the kill vermin as later he wakes up and down-sized smaller than a potato chip, as being carried onto the world of giant caves and anthill territory with caterpillars and Zoc wants him dead but the queen ant sentences him on hard labor. The Ant-Bully shows an amazing world of tiniest life around your backyard or closest by area underneath you for the colony disturbance means danger but hard working and unity prevails as Hova. Honeydew (feces of caterpillars) introduction to Lucas as he gets sick after consuming that or the painting shows of The Great Ant Mother against The evil “Cloud-Breather” exterminator a prophecy based on ants beliefs that the mother comes back showering them with honeydew but the exterminator would spraying spells of destruction on them.
Zoc realized how Lucas will put Hova into danger and treachery as the anger fears the boy in frights running away with Hova also angry on Zoc going out looking for Lucas whose being swallowed by a frog but freed by Zoc after seeing the cares from Hova and non-selfishness reason in sympathizes in discussion afterwards settling their differences as explanation about the entire colony and benefits. Beals shows up the next day to exterminates but the enlisted wasps helping them not eating them after hearing the rest of the story of nest destruction by beals as Lucas saves the life of Hova and an injured wasps at the battle but they’re no match for pesticide until bettle and glowworm biting stan in the groin as Lucas injects him with shrinking potion to be disfigured in retreats. Honoring by the queen ant as a hero and given antidote by Zoc; the grown back normal Lucas facing Steve the bully to run off before showers the anthill with jelly beans as gratitudes. 
   John Debney giving us the good instrumental scoring soundtrack on this animation that produced by Tom hanks and starring Julia Roberts, Nicolas Cage and Merryl Streep to Zach Tyler Eisen where thus original motion picture soundtrack creates the bond between the plot story and the materials of animation shows within Parade of Ants, Sad Lucas, Head of Council, Colony Floods, Colony Destroyed as well as Team Competititon, Wasp Attack, Parents Leave On Trip and many more tracks shall fully gives your kids a new discovery tales for loving nature not by destroying it but being care and kind to them.