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Meteor Calling (Victor/Colourful Records 2013)

The Heavy Metal manic of all-female band from Tokyo, Japan as the following –up for the next plan out of the previous bands the cutest band members would forming before and the rest shall be a lighter steps journey like a wide open space once you heard about these girls performance that sounded shocking compares to how they’re look alike. Meet the new breed of J-Power Metal girl’s band Cyntia as they’re taken the names from Artemis’ other goddess name from the Greek mythology and making it themselves as Saki (vocals), Yui (guitar, backing vocals), Ayano (keyboards, piano) and Azu (bass) with the former drummer Kanoko playing Tokyo Dome or opening for great names fellow metal-heads from abroad like Kamelot to Liv Moon to regional shows as the band releasing their second recording – Lady Made as well. 

The superior powerful recording of fast Heavy Metal with speeding techniques sounded almost perfectly can be compared to either Dragonforce’s music or other European compatriots from the same sub-genre as the girls releasing their sensual beasty music in native tongue – still Lady Made spawning more pleasure head-banging tracks to listen and make your entire day solid as metal again. Fly Away, Chilly Nights, Jewel Star to Raison d’Etre as well as Run to The Future excessively hits your Power Metal spot like a sharp bullet projector; into the heart and soul – makes you wonder the beauty of Japanese Metal. 

Lady Made: