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Melt 21 Bear (Wick Records 2016)

   Retro oldie and Classic by amazing benefits soulful even not that simply fantastic may got your attention within this Brooklyn seminal-Psychedelic Funk Rock and Garage into Rock n’ Roll unit – The Mystery Lights’ third recording albums so far comprising for Alex Amini, Kevin Harris, L.A Solano, Mike Brandon and Nick Pillot handling their big soft distorting sounds onto the performance groovy on Flowers in My Hair Demons in My Head or Too Many Girls, Follow Me Home, Candlelight or What Happens When You Turn The Devil Down really connected to the non-positive themes which considerable questioning the hippie coalition that seems to be corrupted with occultism and negativity over raping women’s dignity as this self-titled album shows us about their past and presents story to tell.

The Mystery Lights: